Denim unpacked - Your guide to finding the perfect jeans.

If there is one fashion item you are guaranteed to find in almost any wardrobe, it would be the humble denim jean. Whether you consider your personal style to be super sophisticated, wildly eclectic or anything in between, denim acts as the ultimate building block for your closet, and is arguably the item that gets the most everyday wear.

Unfortunately, denim is also notorious for being one of the most difficult items to shop for. And while you may think this problem is exclusive to certain body types, the truth is, no matter what body you have been blessed with, finding the perfect fit is universally challenging.

Of course, the days of ‘fashion rules’ are far behind us, as they should be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few helpful guidelines tucked carefully into your back pocket for the next time you are faced with a wall full of denim and dwindling enthusiasm.


Forget about trends

We love trends, we really do. They push us to try new things, and keep us on our sartorial toes. But if there is one shortcut we could offer to help you on your way to the perfect pair of jeans, it would be to forget about trends all together. The most flattering cut will have everything to do with your unique figure and personal style, and nothing to do with what’s been spotted on the streets at fashion week. 


Focus on what you love 

It’s easy to get stuck on all the things we don’t like about our bodies when we are wriggling our way into a pair of uncomfortably fresh denim jeans. But before you hit the change rooms take note of the things you love about your shape, so you can work towards accentuating your favourite features. Perhaps you want a cut to celebrate your curves, flatter your waistline or elongate your legs. Knowing what you are looking for will make it much easier to find. 


Make time

Although time is a resource that many of us lack, we are firm believers than jean shopping isn’t a task that should be tackled in your 10 minute lunch break. A little designated time for trying on and careful consideration will make all the difference in the long run, especially if you want to invest in a style that will serve you long term.


It’s all in the rise. 

If you are unsure what waistline works best for your figure, a mid rise jean is always a good place to start. A mid rise silhouette will flatter almost any figure, providing a little more support through the tummy and pairing easily with any top length.

Low rise jeans have recently made a comeback, and while they can suit a tall, straight up and down silhouette, they are typically an unflattering choice for more shapely hips. Low rise jeans can also run the risk of making your legs appear shorter than they are, especially if you are already petite. Our advice? Proceed with caution. 

High Rise jeans are designed to sit over the hips at the smallest part of your waist, instantly creating the illusion of longer legs. High rise denim is also widely considered the most comfortable fit, and is fantastic for flattering curves. 


When it comes to selecting the fit of the leg, there really is a lot to choose from. Whether you are trying something new or shopping for a silhouette you know and love, the right shape can completely transform your look, and ignite a whole lot of confidence. 


Skinny leg jeans have been incredibly popular over the past decade - and for good reason. Aside from being crafted from comfortable, high stretch denims, the skinny jean can be a slimming choice too - especially if you opt for dark blue and black colourways. Skinny leg styles are great for those who love to show off their curves, with a figure hugging cut that pairs perfectly with flowing blouses, oversized knits and boxy blazers. When shopping for skinnies, we recommend steering away from thinner, lightweight denims and investing in a thicker, quality cut denim; Due to their high percentage of elastane, lower quality denims in this style can very quickly lose their shape, resulting in unflattering warping of fabric around the knees, thighs and crotch, not to mention a dramatically shortened life span.  


Straight leg jeans have made a strong resurgence over the past few years, offering a more casual, relaxed, aesthetic compared to their skinny counterpart. Straight leg jeans can be fantastic for elongating your legs, especially if you opt for a high rise waist. When shopping for this silhouette, we recommend paying close attention to the length of the hem. A slightly cropped ankle is usually the most flattering cut for straight leg styles; showing a little ankle helps to balance out your look, and that small gap between your hem and your shoes can make all the difference! Straight leg jeans are also often cut in a more traditional, riding denim, which can come as a bit of a shock if you have been enjoying the comfort and stretch of skinnies for the past few years. Don’t be afraid to size up to ensure a comfortable fit. 


Wide leg jeans may have started as a trend, but this well loved cut has well and truly earned its position as a wardrobe staple. While they may take a little getting used to if you aren’t accustomed to wearing voluminous bottoms, wide leg jeans really are a fabulous, fashion forward silhouette that suits all shapes and sizes!

This style is equally as flattering worn either cropped or full length, but we suggest steering clear of hemlines that fall in between, as they can break awkwardly over your shoes, and disrupt the flow of your silhouette. A wide leg cut that falls to the floor almost fully covering your shoes can look incredible - not to mention making your legs look endlessly long. Alternatively, if you are petite, opt for a cropped silhouette with a high cut waist for a flattering fit.  When styling wide leg denim, we suggest always balancing your silhouette by highlighting your waistline - even in the smallest ways! Fully tucking in a fitted top, half tucking in an oversized shirt or layering a belt over a floaty blouse will all help to balance the proportion of a wide leg jean.


Still need a little help finding your dream pair of jeans? Our friendly staff are expert stylists, and have done all of the groundwork for you! Visit us in store or call us online for styling advice, fit and fabric information and tailored recommendations specific to your style and needs. We’re always here to help!


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