Fashion Formulas

As the saying goes: ‘opposites attract’, and putting together the perfect outfit is no exception to the rule. No matter what your personal style may be, we shed light on a few universal fashion formulas to help you perfect your everyday styling.


Vintage + Trends

There are so many perks when incorporating vintage pieces into your day to day wardrobe. Not only do they elevate your look with beautiful, worn, lived in textures, but they often boast exquisitely manufactured materials and offer unique styles that you won’t see anywhere else.

The trick to bringing your look into the current decade and avoiding looking like you have slipped into a fancy dress costume, is to tastefully mix your one-off vintage items with your favourite current trends.

Try this:

  • Punctuate vintage neutrals with bright accessories. One of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic is bright, playful, mood boosting colours. When styling vintage neutrals such as a tweed jacket or toned down florals, try adding a vibrantly coloured handbag, a pair of neon sling backs or some statement sunglasses.
  • Consider silhouettes. A great way to incorporate vintage pieces into a fashion forward outfit is to consider tailoring items to reflect a more modern silhouette. Whether it’s buying a vintage men’s shirt that is a few sizes too big to give you a slouchy, oversized look, or cropping a vintage pencil skirt into a modern mini, it’s always interesting to see how old items can be interpreted in new ways. 
  • Focus on hair and makeup. A vintage look can be completely transformed by pairing it with a runway worthy slicked-back bun or a bright lip. Finding the perfect balance with these unexpected combinations can give your outfit the lift that it needs, and give you an opportunity to add your own personality to your look.

Dressy + Casual

Gone are they days of reserving those special pieces in your wardrobe for rare occasions. These are often the items we invest the most money in, so why shouldn’t they be enjoyed? By learning how to style these items down you not only lower your cost per wear, but you will maximise your wardrobe and open up a whole new realm of exciting possibilities and combinations. 

Try this:

  • Add sneakers. This has got to be one of the most popular trends over the past few years, and there is no arguing that it is here to stay. Whether you are wanting to style down a slip dress, a fur coat, or sequin pants, adding a pair of sneakers will instantly bring your items out of the evening and into everyday wear, not to mention adding bonus points for comfort and the coveted cool factor. If you are trialing this idea for the first time, try a pair of simple plain white sneakers, they are guaranteed to go with virtually anything!
  • Try a cross body bag. There seems to be an abundance of cross body styles circulating the runways, with sporty styles stealing the spotlight for many designers. This simple styling trick is not only comfortable and practical, but is a simple way to instantly dress down your ensemble. Try pairing your choice of cross body bag over a silk blouse or tailored blazer. 
  • Let your jewellery do the talking. The trick to bringing your occasion jewellery into your everyday wardrobe is simply allowing it to take the spotlight. Styling a pair of statement earrings with a simple, relaxed jeans and T shirt combo will give you an effortlessly glamorous look minus the hard work of carefully constructing a head to toe outfit.

Masculine + Feminine

Gabrielle Chanel set in motion the idea of blending the masculine with the feminine in a way that reshaped fashion entirely. Fast forward nearly 100 years, and the industry continues to reinterpret this concept in new and exciting ways, often blurring the lines between the two entirely. If you look closely, most enviable ensembles will have some elements of masculine and feminine at play. The trick is finding the balance between the two, and making it work for your own personal style.

Try this:

  • Focus on Fabrics. Playing on fabrics that would traditionally be considered as masculine or feminine can be a really great starting point when constructing a balanced outfit. Think about fabric weight, textures, print and feel and have fun exploring unlikely combinations. Denim, leather and heavy weight wools can look incredible when paired with silk, lace, and velvet.
  • Play with footwear. If you love romantic, floaty styles, the combat boot could become your go to item for changing up your look. Likewise, an elegant high heel can be an incredible addition to an oversized suit or jeans and blazer. It’s all about being playful with your approach and understanding that the only rule is that there are no rules! 
  • Balance your proportions. The ultimate tip for fusing masculine and feminine pieces together in one flawless outfit is to pay careful attention to the silhouettes of your pieces. A slinky dress can add softness and sophistication to a boxy woollen knit, while tailored pants pair beautifully with a flowing feminine blouse. The more you play, the more you will uncover what works for you.

Whether you are bending the rules ever so slightly, or breaking them entirely, playfulness and curiosity are the perfect companions for discovering those unexpected combinations that will take your look to a whole new level. Need more inspiration? Join our fashion community on Instagram @yeltuor Facebook @Yeltuorloves or shop our range of Australian and International designers right here!


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