Meet the Designer: Sacha Drake

It’s no secret that Sacha Drake has mastered the art of dressing when it comes to fashion that fits and flatters the modern woman. Her innovative designs inspire confidence in women around the world with a commitment to craft a label that flatters all body shapes, no matter the occasion. 

With over two decades in the industry under her belt, we caught up with the designer herself to chat about her own styling ethos, and how her relationship with fashion lead her to build her own empire.


We love a good origin story! How did Sacha drake start and what has the journey been like so far?

Sacha Drake label stemmed from my desire to find the perfect dress to flatter my shape. As a statuesque size 14, I was never able to quite find what I was looking for and felt that in the market something was missing – surely, I wasn’t the only one searching!  I started out designing a little range of party dresses for women with curves, so that they too, could be flattered and look and feel their very best. Women’s confidence is connected to how they feel about their body. My aim was to craft a label that would flatter both small and larger sizes, and all body shapes.

Each garment represents all I had been in search of for all those years - memorable, complement-catching pieces that are truly flattering, and versatile in your life. I’m so grateful be able to share my love of striking, yet feminine design with you through my collections each season. I can’t wait to share the next one with you. 


What inspires the design of your garments? Do you have a particular woman in mind when you begin the design process?

My customers! I LOVE hearing about why someone has chosen a particular style, where they have worn it, how they’ve styled it. When I hear my customers telling me how much enjoyment they’ve got from wearing an outfit, it inspires me to keep using my craft to serve them better!


How would you describe Sacha Drake style?

My own personal style is ‘striking but feminine” As a size 14, I’ve always dressed in cuts that are streamlined and not too fussy. As a designer, when I dress myself, there’s an element of the unique in the textile or print or details that are of a premium quality. I believe this is the core aesthetic of my label. When I was younger, I would always buy vintage 1950’s and 1960’s clothing rather than fast fashion.


What has been Sacha Drake's greatest achievement so far?

This year marks twenty years in business. There have been many challenges in the past two decades. Globalisation, the advent of international e-commerce, the GFC, Co-Vid. Some of these have been epic! My greatest achievement has been accruing a wonderful team of people to face these challenges with me. It’s wonderful to see them reach their potential.


What do you feel sets your pieces apart from others in the industry?

I’m a perfectionist about flexible fit to ensure garments flatter different body shapes. I also am very discerning about quality of textiles and their longevity and craftsmanship. I have always maintained that today I am designing the vintage garments of tomorrow. Now, after twenty years, I can truly see it manifested, with clothes that I’d forgotten I’d designed over a decade ago, still being worn by women out and about.


What advice would you give our community wanting to simplify their wardrobe?

Don’t buy anything unless it makes you look your best. Be discerning, ask for better…and pay for it as it will last longer.


What is your recipe for feeling confident in what you are wearing?

Wearing the correct size. It’s just a number, and so inconsistent on garments from many countries. Try up or down to get the best fit. When you have well fitting clothes, you will be comfortable. When you are comfortable, you can be confident in who you are.


What pieces do you believe are the cornerstone of every great wardrobe?

I think this is different for everyone, depending on their age and body shape. For example, some women never wear jeans and other women live in them. Personally, I think everyone needs a “when in doubt dress” that you trust to put on if you have an ambiguous dress code, that you know you always present well in. Also, a beautiful white shirt. It always adds polish and lifts your face if you’re tired. I try to be this “when in doubt” designer for Australian women. Many of our essential SOLUTIONS collection is founded on these perfect wardrobe pieces.


What’s next for Sacha Drake?

The greatest challenge for designers, after a few decades of delivering proven styles that really work for women is to keep innovating with styling and textiles. Keeping the creative spirit in a brand is always “what’s next”, season after season, after season. To keep delighting and engaging our customers.  Creating the next best seller is always a challenge, but so rewarding for customers and creatives alike!


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